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Not only do we design websites courtesy of our partner (Mantra Infotech), we also provide Professional software development services - analysis, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support. Our premier software called "Analyze IT" - a Training Need Analysis program, was specially developed for NHS/GP Surgeries, but easily adaptable for other sectors.

Bespoke Software Development
We develop software for our clients who appreciate transforming their rigorous daily routine into a streamline automated process.  No doubt, our aim is to increase the efficiency of our clients’ throughput.

How is it done?
Analyze requirements
We spend time to LISTEN! Our consultants adopt a joint approach to clearly define what the problem really is and a strategy for solving the challenges that face our clients. They gather and analyze data from many areas. It also involves documenting findings so there is a common understanding among everyone of what the end results will be.
Design a solution approach
In designing a solution approach, we provide the overall design of how your business challenges will be solved. This involves compromising between business requirements (cost, schedule & development resource) and technological capabilities (performance, scalability & development tools).
Build a software framework for that solution
Since the state of your business is always changing, so is the data about the business! Your business typically makes critical decisions based on its data, therefore it must be possible to quickly enter new data, make updates, delete, retrieve, summarize, and report. Because the main function of a software framework is to model and track certain aspect of business activity, we will utilize a Relational Database Managemnt System (RDBMS).
Develop code
Use of Office Access with Visual Basic for Applications which are compatible with most pc users will be our primary source of coding. We do not skimp on the time alloted to development. There is a need to address how your end user(s) is going to interact with the application. User interface can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection of the entire application!
Performance is perhaps one of the most critical characteristics of an application - especially where a user is waiting for a response. Before depolying our application, we take time to run various benchmarks. This way you are assured of quality performance irrespective of your hardware infrastructure.
Once your application has been designed, implemented, and tested it's ready to be deployed (installed). Rolling out your application will marginally affect your business operations. Our support staff run flexible shifts in order suit your establishment.
We don't just leave you with a finished product! After installation, support is very important to us. We will provide updates and version releases because we believe as your business evolves the application will need enhancements.

Website Design
Sales and marketing campaigns are becoming more popular and effective since the introduction of the internet - especially when setting up a business or services. Whether you are simply looking for a five page point of presence website or a fully functional e-commerce web shop, Rhema Techlogic along with our partner Mantra Infotech can design, develop, and deploy (host) the site for you.

Our services include:
website design
internet marketing
custom web development
ecommerce solutions
content management systems (CMS)
search engine optimization (SEO)
search engine marketing (SEM)
Google Adwords
website promotion

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