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Rhema Techlogic Limited (RTL) is a specialist computer service and network support company. Dedicated to the success of your establishment, we specialize in providing the technological support necessary to help GP surgeries, small/medium size businesses, and individuals achieve project deadlines, maximizing IT investments, optimize performance levels, and cope with peak workloads.

As medical care continues to increase, we have observed that there has been a resultant increase and dependence on IT.  Surgeries are continually growing in human resources as well as computing equipment. This results in greater dependence on their local PCT IT support team who have limited staffing to manage greater IT demands. To cope with this, some PCTs are adopting new initiatives (e.g., GPSoC - GP Systems of Choice) to employ remote support to surgeries, such as Zen Works. However this can not replace having a professional on site to interpret technical jargons, relate with issues, and provide alternative solutions conducive to the Partners, GPs and other valuable staff members.

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Since 2005, Rhema Techlogic have been working within Primary Care, specialising in GP support and development. Our NHS IT knowledge base has advanced thus leading to the establishment of several essential services ...

  • Primary contact between PCT - IT Service Desk and Surgery
  • Primary contact between supplier of clinical management systems and Surgery
  • Installation and support of NHS related Patient Database software, e.g., Vision 3, Choose and Book, EPS, GP2GP, Docman, ...
  • Network management of Servers, PC, Printers, Scanners, Tape Drives, Routers, Switches, Hubs, etc
  • Active Directory (or Domain Controller) Administration of Resources, Services and Users
  • Create and manage (update/modify) Internet and Intranet Site(s)
  • Creating IT related Protocols (Policies)- Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Backup Procedures, and Data Handling
  • Software Development - Training Needs Analysis
  • IMT & DES training

... which are affordable and sustainable.

With this experience in managing and supporting 50 - 100 clients network (LAN with WAN connectivity), Rhema Techlogic have successfully supported other clients in various industries. We will provide you with prompt resolutions, expertise in plain language, simplicity and honesty.

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