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PC Decommissioning & Consumable Disposal
Taking away the hassles associated with the disposal of computers (or associated equipment) and providing our customers with a complete peace of mind solution for the retirement and management of redundant IT equipment.
PC Decommissioning
Getting rid of your dated computer is not as easy as you think. Mere deleting information does not guarantee that information can not be retieved from it. Not only will we guarantee that your data will get shreded, but we will also take the hassle away from you having to dispose of it. You don't even have to give us the detail of your equipment (such as serial number, model and/or the asset number) our support staff will do it all for you and all you have to do is confirm that the items have been accounted for. We provide you with a certificate stating that your equipment is no longer an asset.
Consumable Disposal
Toner printer cartridge and ink printer/fax cartridges are considered as hazardous waste. Rhema Techlogic can collect and dispose of them on your behalf. We can provide container(s) for storage at your site to enhance collection.
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