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Internet Connectivity Support
Complete broadband services, such as choice of ISP (Internet Service Provider), installation of software and related equipment, creation of email account, data transfer (e-mail addresses) and other checks to ensure hitch-free connectivity.

Choice of ISP
Everyone's needs are different, so everyone's ISP package will be different.  To decide which ISP is best for you, you need to match the ISP and their package to your particular needs.  Knowing what it is you want is the safest way to make sure you end up with an ISP that does everything you need it to at the best possible price.
Some questions to ask yourself might be …
Will I need technical support if something goes wrong, or can I fix it myself?
Will I spend a lot of time online, or just a little?
At what times of the day would I access the internet?
What sort of things do I do online - only check e-mails, play online games, or download music?

You wouldn't want to get a pay-as-you-go package if you are on the net all day!

Equipment and Related Software
When you sign up to a broadband provider, you’ll usually be given everything you need to get set up immediately. This will usually include a standard broadband modem or a cable modem, a microfilter attachment for your phone line and a CD loaded with connection software. Another thing to remember is most equipment supplied by your provider supports only one computer. You can buy your own equipment that might better suit your own needs, such as a wireless modem or Ethernet router if you have more than one computer using the same connection.

Some of the equipment that we can help you install and/or supply are ...

This is the little box which allows your computer to connect to the broadband internet service running through your phone line or cable connection. They come in many forms; from a simple USB plug in box to multiple-connection wireless Ethernet routers. These are the essential types:
Standard USB ADSL modem
It plugs into an available USB port on your computer and is generally very simple to set up.
Cable modem
It plugs into a ethernet port (it looks like a phone socket only bigger) on your computer and provides a more secure and robust connection.

A router is a little box that allows several computers to share a broadband connection to the internet simultaneously. Often incorporating an ADSL modem (or it could be a cable router) and offering more advanced features such as a firewall and port-forwarding, it plugs into your computer’s Ethernet port.

Wireless router
A wireless router is the same as a standard Ethernet router but with added wireless capability – which sometimes gives you greater freedom to use your PC or laptop computer anywhere within range of the access point. Wireless routers allow more than one connection at a time, and also feature firewall and other security functions.

A microfilter splits the voice and data signals on your phone line, so you can enjoy broadband while using your phone at the same time (unlike, for instance, a dial up internet connection).

Wireless USB Adpater
Most laptops today feature integrated wireless connectivity, PC users desire the same funtionality. The introduction of a wireless USB Adpter gives PC users the ability to connect to the internet via a wireless router without cabling.

Email Accounts
Have you recently changed your email account to a different provider? Are you having problems switching over your contact list from your old account to the new one? Not only can you consider this issue solved, but we can create an email account using Microsoft Outlook to synchronize with your internet email account. With this setup, you can integrate your email with the Microsoft office suite (inclusive of Internet Explorer). Moreover, you have the option of using the calendar facilities which in turn can be synchronized with a digital diary (on a phone or PDA - Personal digital assistants).

Data Transfer
If you have recently upgraded your computer and are wondering how to transfer some very important information, contact us for assistance. We will provide a fast, secure and thorough approach to transfer your data!


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