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Disaster Management & Recovery Solution
Provide a step by step guide to backup procedures (tape or disk), power failure recovery routine, system security (SAFE – Spyware, Antivirus, Firewall and Evaluation) schedule, and system restore method.

Think of your business as a Money making machine!!

What would it cost you if the power source of Information is
disconnected from the mains?

Money stops flowing!

The unavailability of Information could initiate ...
• Potential revenue loss when customers are not served promptly
• Disruption to operations
• Decreased employee productivity
• Unwarranted costs for recovery

You need to ensure that you can recover your systems in the event of any disaster (i.e. downtime), quickly and with minimal disruption. Rhema Techlogic Limited (RTL) will develop a complete range of IT Disaster
Recovery solutions. These solutions will cover most eventualities. The focus will be to offer the most flexible, comprehensive and cost effective service available.

Our proven Procedural Document Management System (PDMS) will provide surgeries and businesses with a backup plan when things don’t go the way they are supposed to go; especially when IT support is unavailable.

RTL prepares you to handle downtime, which is inevitable, and usually when you least expect it. The overriding aim is to provide a step by step instruction manual. This will serve as a guide to:
• perform tape (or disk) backup procedures
• power failure recovery routine
• system security (SAFE –Spyware, Antivirus, Firewall and Evaluation) schedule
• system restore method
• other ad hoc computer activities

Easy and Cost Effective
The solution only requires a document reader (Adobe) or word processing software such as Microsoft Words/Works and a printer. No purchase of specialized software, filling forms or numerous questions asked! The end product is supplied on a Compact Disk (CD) and printed (packaged in a clear display booklet).

• Reduces system down time thereby enhancing productivity
• Peace of mind – knowing that there is a solution at your fingertips
• Saving on unbudgeted IT support charges
• Easily self modifiable document
• Printable and portable format (numerous reproduction)
• Further technical support with a reasonable charge

Assurance of “round the clock” availability of your IT facility is a priority, to you and to us!

Free on site infrastructural survey in order to assess the necessary
level of support required.

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